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प्रमोशन मामले में हुई सुनवाई का ऑर्डर, मिली अगली तारीख

*प्रमोशन मामले में हुई सुनवाई का ऑर्डर*


?Court No. - 36

Case :- WRIT - A No. - 3748 of 2023

Petitioner :- Vivek Kumar Mishra And 5 Others
Respondent :- State Of U.P. And 9 Others
Counsel for Petitioner :- Siddharth Khare,Sr. Advocate
Counsel for Respondent :- C.S.C.,Archana Singh,Bhanu Pratap Singh,Bharat Pratap Singh,Jay Ram Pandey,Prem Prakash Yadav,Sanjay Chaturvedi,Shyam Krishna Gupta

Hon'ble Ashutosh Srivastava,J.
Sri Shresth Pratap Singh, Advocate, under the Authority of Mrs. Archana Singh, learned counsel for the respondents submits that he has filed short counter affidavit in the connected writ petition being Writ (A) No.3338 of 2023 and he does not wish to file counter affidavit in Writ (A) No.3748 of 2023.
Sri Himanshu Singh, learned counsel representing the petitioners in Writ (A) No.3748 of 2023 submits that he may be supplied a copy of the counter affidavit filed in the connected matters and if need arise he may file some additional affidavit in support of the writ petition.

Record reveals that counter affidavit filed in the connected matter is not on record.

Office is directed to trace out the same and place it on record.
List this case on 19.04.2023, as fresh.
Order Date :- 5.4.2023

*अगली सुनवाई 19 अप्रैल 2023*

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